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Supporters of casino expansion initiative submits 136,342 signatures

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Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

DENVER – The supporters of a ballot initiative to expand casino gambling in the state of Colorado to racetracks announced on Monday a total of 136,342 petition signatures submitted to the Department of State to put the measure on the November ballot.

“Today is a significant milestone for our citizens committee and the thousands of supporters we have across the state,” declared Aurora Democrat and former state Sen. Bob Hagedorn.

The measure called Initiative 135 aims to amend the constitution in order to allow at least 2,500 slot machines, card games, craps and other games of chance at the racetracks of the Arapahoe Park, Pueblo County and Mesa County.

According to the Coloradans for Better Schools, the committee behind Initiative 135, the measure would raise $100 million annually to fund K-12 education in the state.

“Our initiative offers voters the opportunity to provide a new, reliable and protected funding stream to improve K-12 education in Colorado,” co-sponsor and former state Rep. Vickie Anderson stated.

In addition, the committee told that 34% of the adjusted gross proceeds from casino gambling would be allotted for the state’s education through a new account called K-12 Education Fund.

Based on the state law, an initiative requires at least 86, 105 valid signatures from registered voters to be on the ballot. So far, the committee submitted 158% of the required signatures. Once the Department of State verified the petition within 30 days, Initiative 135 will be assigned a permanent number on the ballot.

On the other hand, no education advocacy group supports the imitative yet. The group Don’t Turn Racetracks into Casinos as well as existing casinos were fighting the proposal.

“This initiative isn’t about public schools. Not a single one of Colorado’s 178 school districts have come out in support of this scheme. (Backers) paid to have signatures gathered because Colorado’s 36,000 teachers don’t support them. That’s because a plan to build mega-casinos to help one Rhode Island company isn’t a plan for our public schools,” expressed Don’t Turn Racetracks into Casinos spokeswoman Michele Ames.


Pallone tells Christie to sign sports betting bill

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Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

TRENTON, N.J.- Representative Frank Pallone Jr. (D-6) along with the supporters of sports betting in New Jersey called on Gov. Chris Christie to sign the bill which was already passed at the state legislature the soonest possible time.

“I continue to believe that New Jersey should be given the same opportunity that other states have already been given with regards to gaming in their states and that the federal government should not stand in the way. I urge Governor Christie to sign this bill quickly and bring sports wagering to New Jersey,” Pallone stated during a press release.

According to Pallone, the citizens of New Jersey had spoken loud and clear that they want the opportunity to share in the profits from professional sports betting.

Recently, the Federal Court of Philadelphia voted against sports betting in NJ concluding that the proposal is not in line with the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act passed by the Congress in 1992.

Based on the law, all states but Nevada, Monatana, Delaware and Oregon, are not allowed to bet on any sports. Only those four states are exempted from the law because they already allow gambling on sports before the bill was ratified.

In 2013, Pallone along with Congressman Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ) proposed a bipartisan bill that provides an exemption for New Jersey to the federal law prohibiting sports betting.

Under the bill passed by the state Legislature, sports wagering could be allowed at the Monmouth Park Racetrack in Pallone’s district. If approved this will potentially attracting hundreds of visitors to the area and thousands in new revenue for surrounding businesses.


2 men robs Charlotte internet sweepstakes parlor

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police were on the lookout for two suspects involved in an armed robbery at a south Charlotte internet sweepstakes parlor on Tuesday.

Based on the police report, two men armed with guns entered Saints and Sinners sweepstakes parlor along Old Pineville Road and demanded money from the staff. Then, a vehicle pulled over and the suspects ran out and got away.

“The vehicle pulled into an apartment complex and the suspects jumped and ran from the vehicle,” Sgt. Brian Scharf reported.

No one was reported injured during the robbery.

Later on, a man was arrested for questioning along South Tryon Street.

A witness who refused to be named told he saw the man just before cops rushed in to arrest him and place him on handcuffs.

“He kept looking around and looking at the sky, looking around. He was real nervous. I could tell he did something wrong,” said the witness.

No charge was filed yet.


NJDGE fines 2 casinos for underage gambling

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement fined two Atlantic City casinos for a total of $66,000 for letting minors gamble and drink.

The law required 21 as the minimum age requirement for drinking and gambling in New Jersey. Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, however, allowed five incidents of underage gambling and drinking.

For one, an 18 year old male known as “LC” was allowed to play for 9 hours at Harrah’s where he interacted with 5 gaming supervisors and drained 8 bottles of beer. When “LC” passed out in a Keno parlor, staff found out that he was using a fake ID. The casino personnel then called the paramedics and brought “LC” to the hospital.

Likewise, Harrah’s let a 19 year New Jersey lady placed 195 bets at the roulette table for 9 hours. The lady also consumed 8 alcoholic drinks.

In addition, a young man identified as “AT” entered Harrah and offered an expired identification to the security podium for a wrist band to indicate his age. When the security personnel denied him the wrist band, the young man proceeded to the blackjack table and gambled anyway.

A few minutes later, a security approached “AT” and placed him in a temporary holding area. “AT” then presented his new ID which showed a New York state driver license with “Under 21” stamp. The guard, however, misread the license and allowed “AT” to go back at the blackjack table where he played 55 hands.

Harrah was fined for a total of $60,000.

Meanwhile, the Golden Nugget was fined a total of $6,000 for not including the message 1-800-GAMBLER in an online gambling advertisement outdoor. According to the law, any outdoor ads on online gambling must include the hotline for gambling issues.


Dublin official face charges for illegal gambling

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

WHITEVILLE, N.C. – a Dublin councilman was arrested and charged on Tuesday after investigators busted a video gaming café north of Whiteville, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Based on the official report, detectives executed a search warrant at Gold Rush Internet Café along Highway 701 in Whiteville owned by Jeffrey Scott Smith, a councilman of Dublin.

The councilman was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor for operating video gaming machines in Gold Rush. He was released, however, with $1,000 secured bond.


Capt. David Nobles of the Columbus County Sheriff’s Officer told that 68 hard drives from computers and $5,800 cash were confiscated from the Gold Rush.

According to Nobles, Smith was already charged with misdemeanor for operating video gaming machines in Bladen County, however, the trial ended in deadlocked.


Williams Interactive games now available in New Jersey

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Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – the Williams Interactive, iGaming provider and subsidiary of Scientific Games announced its internet casino game content was now available in the state of New Jersey.

Williams Interactive partnered not only with Gamesys-platformed Virgin Casino, but with Tropicana Atlantic City as well via Williams Interactive Remote Game Server.

“This is an exciting milestone in our mission to provide the world’s most compelling iGaming entertainment,” said Orrin Edidin, chief executive of Williams Interactive.

Gamers from Virgin Casino and Tropicana Atlantic City can now enjoy Gold Fish, Super Jackpot Party, Giant’s Gold, Rhino and Zeus III.

Edidin also announced to expect for more games in the upcoming months.

“With a library of content that has long been amongst the most popular on casino floors throughout the US and Canada, providing this authentic casino content library online for New Jersey players for the first time is a proud accomplishment for Williams Interactive,” the chief executive stated.

Moreover, the company expressed its intention in the future to provide library of games to Delaware’s online casino after the Delaware State Lottery chose it to be its vendor in lottery.

“We’re enthusiastic for the additional North American launches expected this year, and the benefits our casino customers will see from the on-going convergence of online and offline casino entertainment that our game library empowers,” told Edidin.


New Jersey drops 12.4% online poker revenues in May

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Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

ATLANTIC CITY – as Nevada experienced a boom because of the 2014 World Series of Poker, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement reported on Thursday a fall off in NJ’s online poker revenues.

According to DGE, the total online revenue decreased to 8.39%: online poker dropped to 12.4%; and casino games was down by 7.25%. This was the second month NJ gaming declined.

Borgata/Partypoker held 53.05% of the market though it dwindled by 13.27% earning only $1,206,261 compared to $184,636 from April 2014.

WSOP in partnership with 888 had a market share of 45.18% and declined by 10.81% from $124,529 to $1,027,161.

Meanwhile, Ultimate Poker with a market share of 1.77% shaved 18.32% from $40,230 to $9,022.

On the other hand, new account sign ups hiked by 8.9% with an addition of 28, 713 accounts. Since the state launched online poker in November, the state now had a total of 351,136 accounts.


Need Experienced Room Operators

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Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Seneca to run $150M Traditions casino

TOWN OF UNION – the Seneca Gaming Corp, a chartered corporation of the Seneca Nation of Indians who runs three casinos in western New York proposed to run the $150 million Traditions Resort & Casino.

“The Traditions Resort & Casino project is a historical opportunity for the Southern Tier,” told Bill Walsh, whose clan owns the Traditions at Glen.

According to Walsh, the Seneca Gaming Corp would manage the gaming floor including all associated amenities like valet parking, retail shops and restaurants.

He also noted that the corporation was hired to manage the gaming facilities and not to finance the casino.

“At this time now, we’re not ready to disclose the financiers that we have in the project,” said Walsh.

Walsh stated that after travelling around North America, looking for the perfect operator, they decided to give Seneca Gaming Corp. the privilege to run the casino at Traditions because of Seneca’s understanding on the significance of revitalizing and partnering with the community.

“This is the right project at the right time and now we have the right partner,” Walsh announced.

Meanwhile, Seneca Gaming Corp. CEO Cathy Walker revealed they signed the deal with Traditions because it has the potential to revitalize the Southern Tier.

“The reason that we are partnered with Traditions is because of the vision of the Walsh family,” Walker expressed.

The casino proposal worth $150 million will add 160 rooms to the existing 41-rooms hotel, and 50 gaming tables with 1,200 slot machines.



Sweepstakes Out in NY; Operators Turn to Skill Games

Pre-Reveal-GoldMILPITAS – an internet shop within a strip mall remained closed after law enforcement raided the establishment suspected of illegal gamblingk. Milpitas Police Department and California Department of Justice joined forces last week to investigate illegal gambling activities along Jacklin Road.

Milpitas police Sgt. Raj Maharaj reported that they received numerous complaints and tips from residents in the area.

On May 7, police presented a search warrant at Net Connection located inside a strip mall. Several computers of different types were confiscated.

“We can’t disclose the types of games played as our investigation is ongoing. We also seized an undisclosed amount of cash,” Maharaj stated.

“Patrol officers had made numerous arrests of patrons from Net Connection on various criminal charges,” added Maharaj who called the business as a problem to the law enforcement.

Thought the business was active in operation when they searched it, the owner was not there. The officer explained that their detectives are still investigating the case. However, a number of customers were arrested for several offense unrelated to the case.

Based on the police report, Derick Stroud, 32, of Oakland together with Kathleen Loughborough, 41, of Milpitas and Cassidy Cheskiewicz, 27, of Fremont, were arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance; Florjay Maniling, 31, of Union City and Leonard Perez, 61, of San Jose, were arrested for possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia; Domingo Castillo, 36, of Fremont, was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance and violation of a restraining order; and Carlos Pulido,42, of San Jose, arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance and providing a false name and for an outstanding warrant.

California Department of Justice public information officer Michelle Gregory announced their support of the Net Connection raid saying: “We assist local agencies by providing our expertise and resources in how to write search warrants. The state is assisting so we don’t seize anything. Those items are booked by the local agency. Prosecution would be handled by the county DA.”

Back in December, the California Bureau of Gambling Control issued an memorandum claiming sweepstakes games as illegal under state laws.

Meanwhile, California Assemblyman Rudy Salas, D-Bakersfield brews another bill called Assembly Bill 1439 to wipe out internet café operation across the state.

“These Internet sweepstakes are thinly veiled gambling operations that establish themselves in an economically depressed area, accrue hundreds of thousands of dollars through online gambling and close when apprehended by law enforcement. Often, these illegal gambling cafés will then re-open in a new location, threatening to negatively impact another neighborhood in the community. Recently, there has been a growing proliferation of these gaming operations throughout the state,” it reads.


Sweepstakes Rooms Give Patrons a Shot at Prizes

..Operators Claim No Different Than McDonalds Monopoly..

UPSTATE NY – Some of the operations, such as those that call themselves “sweepstakes” are entirely unregulated. They are not inspected, licensed or in any other way supervised by the state.

download3This week Seabrook issued a cease-and-desist order to one of these operations, 3D Business Center, for allegedly misrepresenting itself as a “business center fax, photocopy and Internet center,” town officials said.

The owner of the Seabrook business opened a similar operation at Portsmouth’s Heritage Common on Lafayette Road this week, complete with 40 sweepstakes terminals.

“They are not illegal because of a nuance in the law that allows them,” said Paul M. Kelley, director of the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission, who estimated there are 14 other similar businesses in the state. “My concern with them is the general public is not protected adequately. The public has a perception they’re regulated like charitable gaming establishments, and they are not.”

Whether charitable gaming is adequately regulated in New Hampshire is a story for another day. However, at least with charitable gaming the state has three inspectors, three auditors, runs background checks on gaming operators, receives a licensing fee and charities are supposed to receive 35 percent of the take. None of those protections or public good apply to these sweepstakes operations.Pre-Reveal-Gold

How much money can they make? Kelley said the Elks Lodge in Nashua has five machines and during a five-month period, after payouts, made more than $70,000. That’s $14,000 a machine in that five-month period or $2,800 per machine, per month. If the Portsmouth operation has 40 machines, that would net the owner $112,000 a month or $1,344,000 per year. No wonder these operations are spreading like wildfire across the state and nation. Kelley said it’s likely that operations open to the public make far more money than a fraternal organization such as the Elks.

Fortunately, the Legislature has gotten wind of the new sweepstakes craze and is looking to either regulate them or close them down.

“I have no doubt that this is gambling,” said state Sen. Bob Odell.

The Senate on Thursday added language to a gaming bill that would expand the definition of a gambling machine to include sweepstakes terminals. The House is also expected to approve the sweepstakes language.

Making this law stick may be a tougher battle than it would seem. Other states have tried and failed to shut down sweepstakes operations, which argue they are no different than games routinely run by McDonald’s and Publishers Clearing House.

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New Hampshire is at a crossroads with gambling. Right now we have the worst of both worlds: A growing number of unregulated sweepstakes operations and under-regulated charitable gaming with very little public benefit. The status quo isn’t working for anyone but the game operators.

When Gov. John Lynch promised to veto efforts to expand gambling in the state, he said one thing he had been told by governors in other states is that you cannot allow gambling without a strong regulatory structure in place. New Hampshire’s laws are not ready for gambling. Its regulators are understaffed and underfunded and its enforcement abilities are feeble at best.

internet cafe neonSeacoast Media Group has long opposed gambling, largely out of fear of the corruption it would bring to the state. And we continue to believe gambling is not the New Hampshire way. But right now we are like the woman who tells herself she’s only a little pregnant. As a state we need to either ban all gambling or put a robust regulatory structure in place that will guarantee the maximum public good comes from this risky business.